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Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Anjony, France

Monica Ramos (b. Manila, Philippines) - Frying from A Hot Summer series, 2013     Paintings: Watercolors

Mario Martí | 1940- | Salvadoran
La Mamá grande | 1973 | Óleo sobre madera


Campesinos March for Land Rights in Mexico City

An estimated 50,000 campesinos and supporters turned out to march in Mexico City on Wednesday. Agricultural organizations from throughout Mexico attended.

Under the banner “The Countryside Is for All,” attendees marched in support of farmers, food sovereignty, Indigenous land rights, and against recent energy reforms that would allow for fracking and appropriation of farm lands.

Organizers were able to obtain a meeting with Interior Secretary Osorio Chong to discuss concerns.

Images via Aristegui Noticias, El Barzón

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Ana Mendieta - Untitled (from the Silueta series), 1973–77