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"Wild tongues can’t be tamed, they can only be cut out."

- Gloria Anzaldua, Borderlands/La Frontera:  The New Mestiza

20 Years Later, Rwanda Commemorates Genocide the World Ignored

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Tell the US not to lift restrictions on funding the Guatemalan Army!


Guatemala’s UN Truth Commission report not only attributes 93% of all human rights violations and acts of violence to the Guatemalan State, which included over 600 massacres, it also finds the US responsible for playing a large role in providing military assistance and training to the Guatemalan army during the conflict. It was not until 1990, seven years after the most violent years of Guatemala’s internal armed conflict, that the US enacted a full ban on Department of State aid to the Guatemalan Army. Over the past two decades, restrictions on the ban have been weakened. Now, we face the possibility of seeing the restrictions lifted completely.

You can sign the petition at the Guatemala Human Rights Commission’s webpage (scroll to bottom):

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recuerdos de compasión 


Early 20th century photographs of Ouled Nail Imazighen (Berber) women from North Africa - mainly Algeria, but some sources also mention Tunisia.

These women were said to be professional belly dancers who earned a living by travelling from town to town, putting on performances that are said to have some times involved nudity.

Ornamented in distinctive jewelry and make up, some times also having facial tattoos, these women stood out from many other women in North Africa who, during this time, were often veiled in public at all times.

Further reading.

AUGUST: Celebrating African Women

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One Night Only: Mars Comes Closest To Earth On Same Night As A Total Lunar Eclipse - Science Channel : Inscider

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interactive installation “Measuring the Universe” by Roman Ondak in which visitors mark their height in black ink on a white wall, representing a star in a network of celestial bodies to symbolize the space each individual takes up in our vast universe.

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“They all played that beautiful music [Son Jarocho] that mixes guitar strums like machete whacks, vocals that are almost like yodeling, lyrics that can be erotic, crude and/or breathtakingly romantic, and a dance style that looks like a hybrid between flamenco and tap.
With Guitars Like Machetes, by Jasmine Garsd, Alt Latino

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Enrique Aberle | 1920-1973 | Salvadoran
Las Chintas | 1971| Óleo